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            Notification for “2012 Shanghai International symposium on Present State and Developing Trend of Advanced Ceramic”

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            Notification for “2012 Shanghai International symposium on PresentStateand Developing Trend of Advanced Ceramic”



            Our company sent chief engineer off to participate in the “2012 Shanghai International symposium onPresentStateand Developing Trend of Advanced Ceramic” on June 14 this year. The purpose of the conference: to elaborate the situation of domestic and foreign advanced ceramics industry, to forecast and discuss the future trends of the advanced ceramics industry, to strengthen communication with the international industry, to promote China’s advanced ceramics technology, to spread the science and technology achievement and advanced experience on advanced ceramic, to promote sustainable development of advanced ceramic industry in China. To create an interaction platform for industrial ceramic enterprises, universities, manufacturers and research institutes.


            We learn more form the symposium that developing trend of advanced ceramic on present and new business opportunities.




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