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            Core value : Customer, Honest, Professional, Team, struggle, cooperation;
            Four Strategies: Focused, Integration, Internationalized, Community of Interests.
            Management Theory: Cost, Quality, Service, Objective, Procedure.
            Marketing philosophy: Focus on customers.
            Knowledge Management Concept: Accumulate, share, and create value.
            Concept to Capital Operation: positive and steady, select the best thing to invest, mutual benefit and common prosperity.
            Concept to Social Responsibility: achieve prosperity together with our employees, grow up with our customers, and make contributions to our society.
            Concept to Market: segmentation, focus, and collaboration.
            Concept to Technology: technological innovation is the motive power.
            Concept to Talents: capability determines stage, achievement embodies value, and wealth belongs to the talented.
            Productivity concept: Productivity per capita.

            (Handan Rongqiang Industrial Ceramic Co., Ltd.)

            Address: No. 20 Pengxin Road, Fengfeng Mining Area, Handan City, Hebei

            Sales Hotline:0310-5212019